Google Fiber – AR Mural

To extend their community impact, Google Fiber partners with local artists to create large scale outdoor murals. In Raleigh, North Carolina, Google Fiber wanted to take one of those murals a step further. 

As a part of Nelson Cash, I partnered with the Google Fiber team to help envision that project and make it real. We built an augmented reality (AR) experience for a mural painted on a 40’x60’ wall by local Raleigh artist, Taylor White.

While watching Taylor work it became clear that her process was the perfect place to engage users from. Building layer by layer, Taylor buries her subject until there is a perfect balance of abstraction. To show off this process, the AR app pulls each layer from the wall, allowing users to walk under and around them, adding a profound sense of dimension and scale.

Direction / UX / UI

Documentary by Revery.