Power: A Pluggable Puzzle Game

Connect the outlets. Find the right path. Activate each star. Be quick, its a race against the clock. Available on the App Store

Playing games has always been a passion of mine so I decided a few years ago to finally try and make one myself. Power is a quick and easy puzzle game where your goal is to beat as many levels as you can in 60 seconds. Drag cords from a central power hub, transferring power to activate all the stars on a level.

I was the game designer and product designer on this project. Building Power was a joint effort and could not have been accomplished without my friend Sarah Lensing. This project shipped on November 12th, 2015.

Start screen iterations

In-game iterations

My Favorite Challenge

Let me take you behind the scenes for a moment. Early on in development Sarah and I realized that being able to generate random puzzles that were both solvable and looked good was going to be our toughest challenge.

To solve for this we made a level creator that allowed us to quickly make any puzzle we wanted. By handmaking each level we could insure that they were always solvable and looked good. We also mirrored each level on the X & Y axis so that when we made 1 level it became 4.