Samsung TV Experiments

I never expected to find myself trying to help create an entirely new TV platform for Samsung but that's what happened after they acquired Boxee, the company I was with at the time. Samsung is at the forefront of the consumer electronics space and it was an exciting opportunity to try and leave our mark in that space.

The driving vision for this new TV platform was to remove the dominant UI (guide, show info, dvr, etc.) from the biggest screen in your house and move it to a dedicated Tizen tablet remote. By doing this, we hoped to declutter your TV allowing you to focus more on the content you wanted to watch.

My role as a designer on this project was to conceptualize and execute on multiple TV OS concepts through all phases of design. The project team consisted of 4 PM's, 5 product designers, 4 Android developers, and around 40 backend engineers.

We brought a concept to near completion before this project was unfortunately cancelled in August, 2015. Below are two unused early concepts.