ZOOM+Care – Social Health Network

ZOOM+Care has spent the last 10 years establishing itself as a place where people in the pacific northwest can get the care they need, on-demand, and in their neighborhood. There is a belief at ZOOM+Care that in the next 5 years a health care company will have a billion users. The social health network is ZOOM+Care's attempt to be that company.

My role as the lead and sole designer on this project is to conceptualize and execute on a variety of concepts from beginning to end. The project team also consists of 2 PM's. This project is currently in production.




Chat Care Visit

One of the main goals of the social health network is for a user to be able to get care anywhere and at anytime. ZOOM+Care believes we can treat & diagnose 80% of all visit types quickly and easily through a highly integrated chat platform. Edge cases and issues requiring labs or imaging can be resolved quickly and easily through in-person visits because the majority of a users chart will be filled out before they come in.

Health Marketplace

Being able to quickly and accurately connect you with the products & providers you need is essential. A clean and straightforward starting point allows a patient to seamlessly move through the system.

Health Hacker

Your health data belongs to you. Each progressive event you have across ZOOM+Care is transparent and easy to understand. To get the ultimate picture, you can even add events from outside our system.